Why PRTONZ Technologies

We dont have any employee work for us. We dont have big infrastructure to maintain. But we have experts who work as a team to meet challenges.

You Save in money

As we dont have any employee to pay wages, and big infrastucture to maintain; we can maintain our production cost comparatively lower without compromising in quality.

You get what you need

You discuss your business and marketing requirements with a person possess a very good knowledge of your requirements and capable of converting your requirements into solutions. Hence there is no scope for communication gap, our methodology will help us to deliver your needs without any hassles.

After the United States , India has the largest population of English speaking professionals in the world with over 50 million people well conversant in the English language. Further, India has over 5 million computer literate workers and the country's 1,976 educational institutions every year add 200, 000 software professionals to the existing pool of talent. This does not take into account the technically skilled engineers who graduate every year from Indian universities, such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), that are world-renowned for the caliber of their graduates. According to a McKinsey study, more than a million people are working in call centers in India. .

We are dynamic and keep ourselves up-to-date with new web technologies. It is also not only on the programming side that we innovate we attempt to ensure that each and every website we design should have originality and uniqueness without compromising the short deadlines and quick turnaround times that our clients sometimes demand from us.

Skills Availability

  • Over 130 million workers
  • Over 2.8 million IT employees
  • About 60, 000 IT Professionals added each year
  • Over 1 million students graduate from colleges each year
  • About 7 million students enroll in higher education
  • About 200, 000 engineers graduate every year
  • Second largest pool of engineers and scientists in the world

Low Setting up and Running Costs

Salaries in India are a fraction of those in western countries – five to ten times lower. With human resource costs accounting for the bulk of any service cost, this gives companies the unique advantage of a very low cost base in India and higher quality when outsourced. This lower cost of human resource permits high quality BPO companies like Cenza to offer value addition through

  • Increased account checks vis-à-vis currently followed process in expensive human resource countries
  • The involvement of experienced middle management resources who deliver more project analysis and process improvements that required by the project specified needs

Well Estabilished IT Industry

The Indian information technology (IT) industry has been growing at a consistently high annual rate of 50% over the last five years, which is double the growth rate of the IT industry in most developed countries. In 2001, the IT industry is projected to generate revenues of over US $10 billion in India. Further, the growth rate is expected to increase even more in the future. McKinsey & Company forecasts that Indian IT revenues would equal US $87 billion by 2008, with exports accounting for US $50 billion. This will comprise 7.5% of India 's total GDP, making India a truly knowledge-based Internet economy.