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Technologies provides Cost Effective, User Friendly and High Performance Software Development Solutions!

PROTONZ aims at providing cost effective, user friendly and high performance software development solutions to its valued customers facilitating them to not only manage and analyze their data efficiently and effectively but also providing them an edge to achieve their business objectives.

At PROTONZ, we build technology solutions around core business strategies; never the other way around. For our people, excellence means harnessing the power of technology to fundamentally improve how our customers do business; to breathe life into technology in ways that can change how people live, work, and interact. With a distinctly user centric approach to e-business architecture, user experience modeling and technology, we’re creating meaningful connections between people, ideas, and technology.From a small scale accounting software to a large scale realtime embedded software we are all geared for developing the best software in the competitive market. Contact our customer team to avail the best service that compliments your organisation.

What we offer: Our services include developing promotional websites helping customers reach their targeted market and database driven dynamic websites supporting customers to manage their information. We also provide consulting services after the development of website to help our customers.

Our proficiency lies in our immaculate infrastructure consisting of 20+ highly experienced website developers using latest development tools.

Our Areas of Expertise: ASP.NET, HTML, PHP, ASP, XML, JSP, JAVA Scripts

Our Application Services

Application Services

VAT Accounting and Inventory Control

Accounting Portal on the web

Accounting Software Integration

ASP Tool String to String Var Converter for Response

.Write Comprehensive E-Commerce Portal

Computerization of Many Businesses and Industries

Database Maching Program

Hospital Manager

Hotel Manager

Sales, Stock and Accounts Manager (SSAM) (ARABIC VERSION) Saudi Arabia

Automotive Banking and Capital Markets

Consumer Packaged Goods




High Technology

Hospitality and Leisure

InsuranceLife Sciences

Logistics and Distribution



Studios and Networks






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