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Ways to Speed up Your Page Load Time

How fast your pages load can impact you in Google. Not only can they impact your Quality Score for AdWords, but rumor has it that soon the entire ranking algorithm will take page-loading time into account. So how do you speed up your load time?

Use a site analyzer. These let you check for general errors and see the load times of your site; it shows tons of information about how many scripts you have, total file size, and other factors of load time.

Check for broken images and paths, as well as loading time for all of your images and scripts. Broken paths and images kill load time. As little as 1 script and 2 images that arent loading because of bad paths can double load time.

Host files locally this may require more bandwidth, but youll gain a lot of speed by not having to go out into the web to find the image. Quit using services like Flickr to host your images put them on your own server since local files nearly always load faster than external files.

Correctly tag images with height and width tags to see a huge difference when the web browser loads the page. If the browser reads the width and height of the tag, it can blow right past the image and let it load in the background while it renders the rest of the page.

Reduce widgets they can keep your site from loading properly. Also, use static caching web servers are good at serving static files. Make your dynamic pages into static pages, and reduce load on your server. This will greatly improve load time for crucial pages.

Use a service such as CSS clean to take your CSS source and strip out white spaces, line breaks, unnecessary characters, etc.

These tips will help you shorten load times, and since Google is floating the idea of taking page load time into account for rankings as well as AdWords Quality Scores, it is a good idea to start working on it now.

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Are Display Ads the Future of Paid Search?

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Historically, paid search generally leads in terms of positive ROI performance.This is because of two reasons: relevancy of ads to the user and efficiency in media buying. ROI depends not only on how much you make but the cost of doing business.

However, three-line, paid search text ads can be beat by full color, motion banners with video and rich media functionality. The trick is retaining that distinct call to action that text gets across so well, and which is so easy to split test in text ads.

Dynamic creative banners are customized to each user for every impression. This allows Multi-Variant Testing; a template allows input of various calls to action, graphics etc based on rules set in the system and data collected about the user.

Behavioral targeting in the form of retargeting ads to users who have recently visited your site can show distinct improvements in CTR and conversion rates.

Vertical ad networks let you target tight groups such as mothers, A racial or gender driven demographic, or even lifestyle and hobby niche markets. The goal as always is to make every impression count and not waste clicks on irrelevant users.

In some cases, your target audience may be much different than you think in terms of gender, age, education level, household income, etc. Data gathered from trackers and analytics piggybacked on banners such as those used by ComScore can provide insights which will be invaluable when it comes to media planning, creative direction, and landing page design.

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are similar to search management platforms; they allow centralized management and reporting of multiple ad exchange accounts and serve as a data hub. Data exchangers partner with web publishers and track user behavior, then sell that data to advertisers and ad networks to supplement targeting data. Such purchased data makes ad exchanges, dynamic creative, retargeting efforts much more effective.

Display ads may well be the future, so learning as much as possible now is the smart thing to do

Building Keyword Optimized Ads

Figuring out how to word your adds to get the best ROI for every click is crucial. There are a few key things to remember when writing your AdWords ads.

Target the Correct Audience
You can target the right audience by selecting language and countries dont bother showing your ads to people who dont read English unless you have translations available.

Bracket [...] your Keywords
Using brackets tells Google to only show your ad when the search is for the exact keyword phrase inside the brackets.This means the ad will not show for searches that include other keywords.

Test Multiple Ads
Always test 2 (or more) ads simultaneously (known in the industry as an A/B split test). This lets you figure out which one produces the higher click through ratio, and you can select the best ad and then test another.

Track your ROI for Each Ad.
Google doesnt track the conversion ratios, so add a special tracking link in each ad to track its conversion ratio (such as an affiliate tracking system link).

Use Targeted Keywords

Use the targeted keywords in the headline and the description of the ad, and Google will highlight the searched words in bold. This helps to catch the users attention.

Sell your Product/Service Benefits
Tell people in your ad what you can do for them: make more money, stay younger looking, lose weight, get healthier, live happier. Use buzz words such as free, cheap, sale, special offer, time limited offer, tricks, you, tips, enhance, discover, fact, learn, at last, free shipping, etc.

Making sure you phrase your ads in the best way possible will increase your ROI. It also ensures that you attract people genuinely interested in your product, who will not be a waste of your pay-per-click budget.

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