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MINASSAT is trademark or registered trademark of Adwaa Advertising.
Adwaa Advertising agency is importer real partner to your jobs and to add another concept for advertisement, which we put all experience and employees to give a special touch of specify and quality, to not search about the best where we already have the truth and the newest ideas. Given the extent of our responsibility for ourselves and the importance of communication with the customer and care his success, we brought you several options to ensure this success, in addition to give you an option to participate in the development of what you require and need. Here we give you the most prominent our business, which was built by the plans:

WBS is the most sophisticated Animators & Web Designers
White Beach Solutions has been formed by the keen research by our esteemed and experienced professionals based on the IT market of Saudi Arabia. Our Main aim is to provide the best for less cost effect. WBS has its clients in both public and private sector. This makes us global provide.