ERP : Enterprise Rescource Planning and CRM : Customer Relationship Management

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PROTONZ Technologies provides efficient, effective Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to your organization.

In most cases, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provide a mission-critical backbone through which most of an organizations business transactions flow. ERP systems serve as the foundation for the vast level of enterprise transaction processing that large, complex organizations require.

Nearly every supporting enterprise application must have hooks into the organizations ERP system in order to enable such strategic initiatives as e-business and B2B commerce.

ERP integrates all the aspects of the manufacturing industries with state of art technology viz.; Graphical User Interface, Client-server technology, n-tire architecture, Object Oriented technology, user defined Reporting Querying technology, EDI, Web Based Connectivity with all external stake holders with organization which includes Vendors, Customers, dealer/Agents etc.

ERP handles all aspects of organization viz. Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Finance, Inventory, HR & Payroll, Production, Production Planning, Quality Control, Maintenance, Administration and Visitor management Module etc.. Sometimes it may not be possible to implement such a extensive software in one stroke, but one can start with the basic essential modules and at the later date, when required can upgrade the system by building the upper layers or implement independent modules of their choice.

This ensures the continuous growth of the system in place along with your business. ERP is highly parameterized hence most of the requirements of your organization are satisfied however it can be customized to any extent considering all the peculiarities of your business, it means system adapts to your practices and not you.

PROTONZ Technologies has engaged in building ERP-enabled systems across a wide range of vertical industry sectors. We bring our vast experience with the leading ERP vendors to build applications that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CRM, business intelligence, supply chain management, and e-business solutions.

PROTONZ Technologies ERP solutions enable your organization to:

  • Capture information from multiple source systems and applications
  • Deliver information in recipient-specified formats and channels
  • Distribute information to destinations across a global infrastructure
  • Exchange documents easily inside and outside your organization
  • Deploy new services and applications with confidence because well engineer them to fit your infrastructure

CRM Solutions

There are various attributes that make a CRM solution needed in a business. It is important for any customer relationship management service provider to offer customised solutions to its clients so that they can cater to their customer needs in turn.

Companies are now coming to realize that in fact it is a business philosophy that dates back to the very roots of private enterprise. It is just an old time basic business philosophy with a new modern name which todays information technology allows to be applied in a manner and to a level never before possible.

You may recognize the old phrases; The customer is always right, Service with a smile, Satisfaction guaranteed and maybe you think they are a thing of the past. They are not!

They, and the philosophy they have represented over time are still very much alive but with a new face for todays global market. CRM! Customer Relationship Management.

CRM is a business philosophy that places THE CUSTOMER at the heart of an organisations process, activities and culture CRM Software tools are engines that allow organizations such as yours to implement a positive CRM strategy.

And here is the new and cost effective approach of CRM solution using our services based on OpenERP..! ..

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